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       - GRRC is an organization to excute project to select a field of industry that is requiring supports by Gyeonggi-do's policy,
          and is for the cooperation of industry/goverment/school that might activate the research and education for promotion of
          regional industry, and the research and development of original technology and applied technology by central role of
          university research institute who possess a graduate school of science and engineering.


       - To foster excellent research resources of research institutes and universities in Gyeonggi-do, and to bring up the
          specified industry linked with important industry in the province

       - To improve competitive power of small-to-medium sized enterprises in Gyeonggi-do through a way of transfer
          technology relevant to the development of local industry and the promotion of fundamental science and technology
          to the enterprises

      Ground of Establishment

       - By regulations on support and upbringing of Gyeonggi-do local cooperation research center

      The object of selection

       - College of science and engineering that has graduate school, and Researchers in the field of science and technology

      Period of application

       - Application for basically 3 years, longest for 9 years

      Creation of Revenue source

       - By matching ratio between Gyeonggi-do - University - Enterprise

       - Civilian burden (managing institute + city county + enterprise)

       - Over 100% of province's support money

      The budget required

       - 176,472 million Won (Province 73,860 City & County 7,766 managing institute 49,923 Enterprise 44,922)

      Function of Center

       - Reseach and Develope the original technology for promotion of fundamental science

       - Develope the allied technology for industrialization and commodity of local industry

       - Provide the outcome of research, and accomplish the research related with local industry upbringing

       - Train members of science and technology, supply technical pan-power, and educate employees in the industry

      The status of nominated centers : 19 centers (19 universities)

2. GRRC Business Plan in 2017

      Period : 2017. 7. 1 ~ 2018. 6. 30 (for one year)

      Object : 19 institutes (running business 8, applied the result 11)

      Number of subject : 59 subjects (basis 4, industrialization 48, specified 7)

      Enterprises in participation : 98 enterprises

      Man-power in research : 641 members

      Total expenses of project : 9,948million Won (Gyeonggi-do 4,700 City 497 managing institute 1,197 enterprise 3,554)

3. GRRC expectant effect

      Accomplishment of the hub function as a centripetal point of local industry R&D with excellent resources of research
       institute and university in the province, and training of man-powers in the fundamental science.

      Raising the competitive power of small-to-medium sized enterprises in the international technology by R&D concentrated
       on consumers.