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1. Outline of GRRC Association

Background of Establishment
  - Managerial effectiveness through Networking between GRRC extended up to 15 centers since launched
     at 1997.
  - Establishment of common development strategy to support business, thereby reach the project's goal.

Project Purpose
  - To maximize efficiency and activation by reforming assigned project and operating system
  - To create synergy effects and to prevent duplication through networking between research center in advance

  - Supportive body for spread Gyeonggi-do R&BD project's successful outcome
  - Hub function of GRRC R&BD

Working expenses : 2.5 % of Gyeonggi-do's total subsidy
  - Support working expenses : yearly subsidy for Gyeonggi-do

2. GRRC association project

Establishment and application of GRRC project database
  - Understanding outcome organized by year, subject, and organization
  - Application and assistance for best participated enterprises
  - Patent application and registration organized by year, and organization
  - Understanding yearly research paper for each organization
  - Sharing information of the owned equipments
  - Understanding technology transfer system

Hold a meeting of research paper
  - Presentation of excellent research process and result papers
  - Joint owner-ship of technology information through the exhibition of new products

Hold Seminar/ Workshop
  - Seminar for group project; IT, BT, etc.
  - Joint workshop for similar technology
  - Technology transfer to small-to-midium sized enterprises

  - Gyeonggi-do Science Festival
  - Issue G-FAIR publication (Fair of Gyeonggi-do excellent products)

Issue a publication
  - Brochure
  - Leaflet
  - A white paper
  - Online publication; case study

Internet PR
  - Web site
  - Produce/distribute newsletter
  - Affirmative answer for questions

Specialized education
  - Cooperation between organizations by specialized education
  - Support business with the research outcome developed by specialized education for managers
  - Promote interchange through education coordinator

  - Propose development strategy of Gyeonggi-do science/technology
      Suggest a road map linked to national technology renovation system
  - Research on assistant models of advanced local R&DB
      PTraining program for technology / visiting excellent research institutions
      Relevant seminars

  - Role as a GRRC hub
      Cooperation between industry, school and research organization
      Search and Application of excellent cases
      Develop technology for possible business
  - Program for cooperation between industry, school and research organizations
      Support TLO (Technology Licensing Office) of universities and research institutes
      Develop the linked technology for the business
  - Mentor for backup organizations and Improvement of system

3. Expectant effect on GRRC Association

Improvement quality of research by exchanging similar informations between GRRC centers
Motivating competition between centers based on systematic management of the research outcome
Improvement of research outcome through self-evaluation in GRRC association
Suggestion of managerial policy